Reasons To Attend The Morton Illinois Pumpkin Festival

Reasons To Attend The Morton Illinois Pumpkin Festival

If you travel the country, looking for the best pumpkin festivals, you really need to consider visiting the village of Morton in Illinois. It is a location that will definitely keep you coming back. Part of the reason has to do with the notoriety of this festival and this community. If you are new to pumpkin festivals, or if you have never been to one before, you certainly should consider seeing this one. Here are the many reasons that people travel from all over the world to come to this one particular pumpkin Festival in Morton Illinois.

Why Is This Pumpkin Festival Special?

The first reason that this is a special festival has to do with this location. It is the world’s largest distributor of canned pumpkin. If you have ever been to the store to get canned pumpkin for pumpkin pies, it likely originated from this location. Producing over 80% of the worldwide distribution of pumpkin, this is one of the main reasons that people come. The other reason is that it is a fantastic festival, one that is so large it requires 2000 volunteers in a village that has just around 14,000 people. It is because of its popularity that all of the local hotels will be completely full during the second week of September. People that have done this before understand the importance of booking the room shortly after the end of the festival for the following year.

How Long Does It Last?

The festival is going to last the week. To find the exact amount of time, you should contact the organizers of this pumpkin festival just to make sure. However, it is very consistent in being on the second week of the month of September on an annual basis. What will change are the venues. You can find out about the parade, the different booths, and all of the activities that will be done during this time. It’s also the perfect time to get pumpkins, long before Halloween arrives.

If a pumpkin festival is on your list of things to do this year, Morton is the place to be. If you are traveling into Chicago, or Peoria, it’s not that far away. It will be well worth the trip, even if it takes you a few hours to get there. There is really nothing like the Morton Pumpkin Festival, one of the largest and most entertaining festivals that you will go to. Just make sure to book your hotel several months in advance so you will have a place to stay. If you like pumpkins, find out more about this pumpkin festival in Morton Illinois.