Why Morton Illinois Is A Place You Should Visit

Why Morton Illinois Is A Place You Should Visit

Although this is a very remote place in the center of Illinois, it is a location that has really become a center of attention. When you think of all of the canned pumpkin that you can buy at the store, this is probably where it came from. Due to its geographic location, and the central focus on canning pumpkins in this area, it has become a place that people gravitate to. It is not just to see this facility where the pumpkins are canned, but they actually have one of the best pumpkin festivals in the world, and this is just one of the many reasons that you should head over to Morton Illinois.

Why Do Most People Come Here?

Although the main reason that people come is because of the notoriety that it has developed as a result of the pumpkins, it is also a place that you can visit for other reasons. It has an ever-growing number of parks which seem to be very popular with those in the community. There are places where you can actually do fishing in a pond that is seated every single year. If you like biking trails, hiking trails, or you simply want to sit at a picnic table and watch the many different bird species flyby, you can do that too.

How Can You Get To Morton On A Budget?

An excellent trip that you can take which would involve visiting Morton would be to simply fly into Chicago for a week long vacation. From there, you can get your rental car and headed about 150 miles to the southwest, which is where you will run into Morton. You can spend a few days there, staying at one of the hotels or motels, so that you can get to know this little village. Once you are done, you could then head back up to Chicago to finish the rest of your trip and you will get to say you were at the Pumpkin Capital of the World.

Anyone that enjoys Halloween, or enjoys pumpkin pies, will really have a great time in Morton. It is a destination that you may never have thought of, but it does have a lot to offer. It is a fantastic place to either bring your family with you, or you can simply visit on your own to have a good time. Book your trip to visit Morton Illinois this year.